A surprise in the day

It’s a day late, but I hope you will forgive me.

Yesterday, just before I left for work, I got a tweet from @Jenty asking me if I wanted to join her taking photos over lunch time. I’ve been dying for good reasons to take some photos, so I jumped at the opportunity. Little did I know where we were going, or what the subject of photography would be.

We arrived at ArtJamming and I was completely amazed. I’ve never heard of them, but will definately start spreading the word! It’s a paradise of colours and paint. From accidental painted easels to colour splatted walls and floors, this is a painters heaven. I’m can’t wait to take Vicky and Bron have fun. I can just imagine what Vicky would get up to on that studio.

All over the Studio was doors waiting to be painted for the 100 Doors  project. Today’s lucky participants were 5fm’s Nicole da Silva, 702′s Leigh Bennie, Reuben the Screwman, 94.7′s Graeme Joffe and musician, Harry Brooks JNR

Unfortunately we could not stay very long, so did not see any doors painted to completion, but I will definately make a plan to get to Mandela Square in Sandton and Morningside Shopping centre where some of the completed door are on display.

Thanks again for Jenty and  Sarah for inviting me along to do my little bit for charity.

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2 Responses to A surprise in the day

  1. You got some awesome shots. Thanks for coming with me :)

  2. Sharon says:

    Wow you got some stunning shots!

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