All work and no play.

Wow, it’s been a lifetime since my last post, and please remember to vote for my image, and so much has happened in the time frame.

  • First off the real work job, aka the non photographic job, has picked up speed massively. Not a bad thing all things considered, but it does mean I sometimes need to work later than planned which does impact on my photographic explorations.
  • Secondly I’ve done my first commercial shoot, thanks to Paul David and Laura Gerber from Twincare International and their Matis brand. It was an exciting and fun evening and I’ll blog about it in the next couple of nights.
  • Fourthly Telkom has seen fit to ignore my faulty telephone line and ADSL connection for 10 days now and staying up to date on social networks and updating websites using your phone is really not as easy as most people think, myself included.
  • Lastly I’ve passed the 200 photos mark in my 365 day challenge and still going strong as you can see from the images below.

It’s really become more about a black and white photographic challenge than a self portrait or even a photo a day challenge  So much so, that I’ve bought Ilford XP2S film for my Eos 500 and actually loaded it. Sadly this is where the “no play” bit kicks in. I’d love to go out and play with my film camera, but being film means more planning and thinking before shooting and time is just way to limited right now. I also have a couple of exploration shoots that I’d love to get to grips with  but finding the time to plan and arrange everything is also eluding me. I’m still getting my 365 photos done, so it’s not all bad, but could definitely do with more free time to pursue some play without impacting my personal life at home.

We’ll see how the next couple of days go. I’ll continue to post my daily images when I post them to flickr to this blog, but might skip a couple of days as I have been when time pressures catches up with me.

For a more detailed description of each photo, please have a look at my Flickr Stream



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