And now for something completely different

Today felt normal.

It’s been a week since we moved into the new house, and apart from the pain to get our telephone line and ADSL working, I’ve also not had a working server. But it’s all finally working.

I tried to keep taking a photo when I could, but the amount of things that needed to be fixed just to make the new house liveable was way beyond what we expected. The previous owners had, unfortunately, neglected the maintenance of the house.

Today was the first time that we really had some time to relax for a change and it’s been a welcome change from unpacking and cleaning and fixing things. As an added bonus, we also went out for a birthday braai today.

Rob and Bonnie are some of our best friends. It also happens to be Robs birthday Wednesday and today being a public holiday, was the perfect time for a braai to celebrate this. We closed up the house this morning and was off to Rob’s place for a lunch braai.

It’s always great fun seeing Rob and Bonnie and they have some pretty awesome friends as well. Bonnie made some cupcakes that were divine. I’m so asking her to make some for my birthday which is coming up soon. Bron has arranged a special birthday surprise, which is of course a secret, but I have to lose some weight for it’s full effect. I’m very intrigued ! Bonn’s cupcakes and Rob’s braai food is not very good for my waist-line.

I think I need to work on this before my birthday.


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  1. Jeanette says:

    Nice shot! That’s birthday surprise sounds very intriguing

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