Another winter, another spring

Spring is almost here.

It’s in the air, some plants are already sprouting buds and even flowers. There is definitely something in the air. It’s contagious as well. I have been itching to make a new start after my accident and get back on track with my photography.

I have some outstanding things from before my accident to sort out, some films I need to process, printing orders to fulfill. I’ve already gotten some queries for quotes that I have to reply to as well and I’m looking forward to pushing my commercial photography a lot more going forward.

Personally, I’ve started a 365 day project again and to make it a little easier for me, it’s not a self portrait project, but just a “photo a day” for 365 days. So far, so good. I’m on day 13 :)

All in all things are slowly coming together after the accident. My leg and arm is healing and I have some use of both which is improving with time and work and I can still take photos. I really am looking forward to the rest of the year to see where I can push my photography.

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