At the end of the day…

Life is what you make of it.

A simple sentence that most everybody has spoken but I think hardly anybody really think much about. For a while now we’ve come home after work. Done our chores around the house and sat for most of the evening in front of the new age telly, otherwise known at the computer screen.

We’re trying to change this and thanks to some chores I had for the local Residents Association, we had to do some walking around in our neighbourhood dropping off invites to the spring braai in September.

It was a relief and a please being outside walking with my family, not being rushed by the lives we make around ourself. I took some photos, dropped off some mail, and watched people surprised faces as Vicky waved and shouted “Hello everybody” at anybody that came within her visual range.

So for our contribution to a better South Africa, we are planning to take a walk through our neighbourhood, every day after work, and greeting our neighbours, and being proudly South African.

After all, hiding in your house, is for the birds.

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