baby steps

My youngest daughter is growing up so quickly. in 30 days she’ll turn that special first  landmark.

One year old.

It’s been a tough year for her. First she was prem at 35 weeks and had to spend her first 3 weeks in NICU. When she came home we packed up and moved in with granny while we searched for a new house after our house purchase fell through. Then she was almost ripped from her mommies arms during a house robbery, but thankfully nobody was hurt. Then we finally moved into our new home and a month later her daddy doesn’t come home for 5 weeks because he was injured in a motorcycle accident.

Thankfully I’ve recovering and life is returning to normal. The girls are settling in nicely in the new house and life is starting to look very good again. I’ve been back at work full time for almost 3 months now and I’m walking without a crutch, but I sometimes forget I’m still actually injured and I’m still recovering.

I did a photo-walk with friends up a hill for sunrise photos which was awesome but exhausting. I infuriate my co-workers when my hearing or memory fails me and I have to ask them to say something again, or ask them how something is done again. All little things that needs attention and work on my part.

I’m stubborn and will continue and take photos along the way come hell or high water.

One step at a time, sometimes even small ones.

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