Barn without door

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. We had some “redistribution of wealth” last week. During the breaking and entering part of the residential smash and grab, they pretty much destroyed the part of the door next to the locking mechanism. Bronwen and I decided that as decent, semi social, human beings that have just sold the house to a first time owner couple, we’de be nice and buy a new door to go with the new house, since the old one was now damaged.

Bronwen wanted a nice door from Van Acht, but in the end decide to opt for a cheaper one from Builders Warehouse.We called in a  few favours, bribed a few hungry tummies with promises of dinner and desert afterwards and somehow managed to gather a competent collective of people to assist in installing the door, or as those in the know would say, hang the door.

The door arrived at about 15h00, and we got home at about 16h30-ish. Luckily some of our handy .. um handy men had already arrived and had taken the original door of the hinges and working on the new door. The quick and easy hanging of the door turned into a timeous exorcism of wood demons using fine crafting skills as some of the much needed tools which were not available.

After much work, conversation, general fooling around and some angry words toward the door for not cooperating with the speedy plan we had in mind the door was hung, alarm reset and all the hard work was done. There is still some varnishing that needs to happen at some point, but all in all project “Close the barn door” was successfully completed.

So many thanks to Justin, Brett and Robin for the hard work, assistance, effort and sense of humour required to get this done.


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