Bucking the routine

We’re desperately trying to get Vicky’s routine stabilised. The last few weeks have been terribly disjointed and far removed from the normal smooth routine we have with her. It’s getting to the point where we’re facing trouble getting her up in the morning and down at night.

Getting her brush her teeth has been another sticking point. Someday she loves it, other days she hates it. Today, she seemed to love it more than usual. I could not find her anywhere and finally went looking in our main bathroom to see if she’s playing with the cats food, as she usually does to our great annoyance. Instead, she was brushing her teeth, using her mommy’s toothbrush.

I could not help myself but to capture this.

I really do hope things settle down for us all in the next couple of weeks. This weekend coming is hopefully the last one where we’re either working, or moving, or travelling.

Things should settle nicely, I hope.

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2 Responses to Bucking the routine

  1. Mike says:

    Sweet man… I love catching kids doing things like this. Will miss it when they grow up…

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