Busy day away.

I knew today was going to be tough.

I had a photoslave session booked for the morning in the software freedom day, and I volunteered to join Sharon from lifeimages at the pathways charity festival taking photos of the bands and people to help promote the event.

This would normally have been a pretty hectic day.

To make things more interesting, and more flexible for my wife, I decided to do the trip on my new two wheeled chariot. So camera bag was packed and on strapped to my back and I set off to join the world of free software at the CSIR.

At about noon, I bid the computer world goodbye, and spurred my iron horse further east towards Tygervalley collage to take some rocking photos.

I must admit, I really enjoy taking photos of bands performing. I could easily get used to doing that commercially. Not only is it fun but the times are usually after hours, which makes things much easer for full-time keyboard mashers like me.

Unfortunately I could not stay till the evening performances, which I’m sure was spectacular, but I’ll definately make a plan to get to more live performances in my semi-professional photographic capacity.

*hint hint band managers looking for cheap photographic labour*

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  1. Jeanette says:

    Sounds like everyone had a ball :) glad you enjoyed it

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