Coo-girl City

Otherwise known as Sandton.

The new financial heartland of Johannesburg, Shoppers paradise, Gautrain Airport link station  and the place I go to everyday to work. Ever since I started working there in 2008, I’ve been fascinated by the skyline. I’ve captured it a few times, Just after sunrise and even through misty weather. Mostly I’ve wanted to capture Sandton at night.

I’m not a very experienced night photographer, and I love some of the awesome photos produced by Adcuz and Nrbelex to name two, so I’ve been eyeing out the skyline for a while to do a night shoot. The question was always “From where?”

I approached Nestlé to shoot from their roof, but they were so painful and immovable in accommodating this, I decided to look at other options. I soon found another few office blocks that could be used, and I finally had some time while Bronwen was making dinner to go and explore the options. After a quick chat to the local security guard I was A for Away and some serious skyline shooting commenced. The only major problem was St Stithians school had their sports grounds lights on, which was a bit of a problem, but it just means I’ll have to go back a few more times to get some more practise.


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  1. Jeanette says:

    This is awesome!

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