Today, was hell.

If you read my Goodbye old, Hello new post, you will know we have bought a house and moving in on the 1st of August. As mentioned there are some problems with the deal.

Today we went to go and sort out a new account so we can pay water and lights in the new house. Turns out you can’t do that any more unless the house is in transfer, which of course it isn’t because to do the transfer you need a rates clearance certificate that shows you’ve been a good little citizen and have paid all your rates and taxes and water and lights bills like all little citizens should. The rates clearance certificate cannot be issued because the city council has a slight IT problem and have a back log.

We’ve been waiting 4 months. Round and round we go.

So, I’m feeling a little empty. This ordeal that never seems to end is taking it’s toll on me today.

Tomorrow, you better be a better day, or you and I will have words.

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