Faerie Hairy

Hairy FaerieDay 187 of 365.
Day 37 of B&W.

So I was planning on doing all this in the morning and get to bed, but we had a network failure and I’m on standby so the phone went off every 20 seconds with a new notification SMS. So here I sat baby sitting all the servers and calming them down while finding out what went wrong.

All sorted now, and now I’m wide awake .. so here you go :)

Bron bought some faerie wings with Halloween but I can’t remember if she used it for the parties or not. It was still here so I had to use it. I had planned a different look but It didn’t work out so I tried something different and I think it worked pretty well.

When I opened the image I saw the light source (a LED battery light) made some weird flares on the image, but I think it kinda adds to the image in the end.

What do you think?

ODC : Self Portrait
Hereios : Faeries

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