Feel it, I’m there !

Bonnie called me yesterday to ask if I wanted to join her and Rob at the South Africa vs Ghana match at Soccer City. It was a part of her present to Rob for his birthday, and asking me with was just a bonus. I was very excited to say the least. Bron and I didn’t go to any World Cup matches due to Bron being pregnant and allergic to hard seats and public bathrooms.

I was originally planning to do at least some external shots of the new stadium during the World Cup, but could not arrange access to the mine dumps I wanted to take photos from, which is sad since one of the best photos taken during the world cup was this amazing image from James Natchtwey

The evening was a little chilly, so multiple layers of clothing was required, but did not fully protect, so lesson learned for next time :P We had some dodgy dogs (hotdogs with very dodgy looking vienna’s) at the stadium, which I hope does not come back to haunt me.

I didn’t really get much of the game, which South Africa won 1-0 *go bafana bafana* I’m not a very big team sports person, but we had an amazing time. I did play nicely and take some photos. Hats off to sports photographers. It’s really not as easy as the images look. Then again I also need some serious F2.8 love.

Anyway. It’s past midnight, and I need to go kiss my girl good night and cuddle up to my wife in a nice warm bed.

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2 Responses to Feel it, I’m there !

  1. Jeanette says:

    that’s an awesome photo!! Glad you enjoyed it, I’m going there for the rugby in a few weeks time :)

    • photoslave says:

      word of advise. Dress warmly !!! and if you can take your own coffee in a flask. There is no coffee after half-time. You can likely sell it at gold price :P

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