Goodbye old, Hello new.

At the end of this month, we move into our new house. I say house, instead of home since it’s not a done deal that the house will become ours. So for the time being, it’ll just have to be our house. This obviously means we will have to say goodbye to our current home. Our old home is on the edge of a suburb and next to an open field. The general slope is downwards so we have a perfect view of sunsets. This has been where I’ve practised my landscape shots the most.

I love watching the sunset.

I cannot remember in years gone by watching many sunsets. Photography teaches you to look at things, see things that usually blend into the background.

So I will miss our old home. It’s been a good home to us, and we have many joyous memories, luckily often captured by my camera, and the view when the sun sets, but as a door closes, another opens.


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2 Responses to Goodbye old, Hello new.

  1. RobinC says:

    I love your photos taken there too – Its a special and quiet space once the cars have all gone to their respective homes.

    Just thinking back I don’t have any memory of those trees having leaves on them… odd

    As for the new place, I am really looking forward to it – its also just a 2 block walk to your sunset field :)

    Love the blog so far


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