Happy feet

I can feel spring, just a little bit, in the air lately. I know there will likely be a nice cold spell at the end of August, beginning of September, but it’s getting warmer. Winter is on it’s way out. Spring is almost here and Summer is not far behind.

Tonight Rob, a good friend of mine, came to help me with some pre-moving work that needed to be done. He’s always been a very “do it yourself” kinda guy and I’m, well, lets just say my hands were made for keyboards. I did however get my hands dirty helping him and afterwards we all sat around the coffee table enjoying some nice java and watch some Charmed. Yes, I know it’s long gone, but Bron absolutely loves it, so we have practically every episode ever produced.

It was strange sitting in the lounge, feet on the table, while we were watching the episode, noticing how empty the house was. All our stuff packed in boxes, and just the essentials to see us to Saturday.

I’m going to miss this home. It’s our first home.


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  1. Edwin says:

    Very nice – conveys the message well.

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