I Am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise

I Am Jack's Complete Lack of SurpriseOne of my work colleagues has taken a leave of absence while recovering from fatigue and exhaustion from working too much and too hard.

When he returns to work, he’ll be moving into a architectural and advisory role for our team and away from support and maintenance. This is a great thing for our team he’s a magician when it comes to solving complex technical problems. I think he’ll love his new role.

This in turn has moved me into the most senior technical position in my team and as such my responsibilities has increased as well. This is not a bad thing as I’m loving the new challenges, but Bron is very concerned about me burning out as well. At the moment I’m trying to get two separate businesses off the ground as well which is just adding to the “burning both end of the candle” problem.

This weekend I’m going to rework my strategy going forward to ensure I work hard, but also play hard. As the saying goes,

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”


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