I’m just a skater-boy

Today was worldwide photo-walk day.

The Johannesburg photo-walk took place in Newtown in the Johannesburg CBD area. I’ve been super excited about this photo-walk. I’ve wanted to take photos in town for such a long time, but never really had the chance or the courage. This was going to be great.

In total, there were three separate walks taking place today all strung together to create the whole day event. The first was at 13h15 from Market theatre to SAB World of Beer. The second at 14h00 from Market theatre to The Turbine hall and then the final walk at 15h00 from Market theatre covering a number of interesting places and locations.

I arrived at Market theatre at around 15h00 and the previous walk was still busy, so I had some time to kill. I walked around the market outside the theatre and found some skateboarders in the road next to the theatre. I love shooting skaters.

I, myself, was a skater-boy years ago. I bought my first board from a new kid in school that moved up from Strand in the Cape and fell in love with the sport which I practised for the next 15 years. After a knee operation a couple of years ago I just never really got back into it.

I’ve been planning to start skating again for a while, but since I won’t have time to get out and about on a skateboard, I’ve been planning to build a skate ramp at home. I have the major components already and have just been waiting for the house buying and selling to get resolved to continue planning.

I cannot wait to be a skater-boy again.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I like that shot, it has a rough, urban gritty feel to it. Really nice :)

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