In the middle of our street

Ok, so the house is on the corner, not the middle, but who’s paying that much attention.

After much pain and suffering when it comes to houses we’ve finally moved into the new house and unpacked at least half the boxes to make the house a little more livable.

I decided it’s a good time to start learning some architectural photography skills. After an hour of playing I’ve come to the conclusion that architectural photography is a strange beast. I takes a curtain mindset to take photos of houses that looks attractive.

My shot is definitely not the right angle and I left it a little too late. From the photos that I’ve reviewed the best time seems to be just after sunset, with most of the internal lights on to create a nice welcoming feel, and outside lights to light the outside and a long exposure to bring out nice ambient lighting from the sky.

I think I need to shadow an estate agent for some free photos to learn some new skills.

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