I have to admit, the title kept tricking my mind into thinking “inception date” aka “Nexus 6”  and if you’re still not sure where I’m going, I’m going to assume you’ve never watched much sci-fi movies.

Rob and I went to watch inception tonight. This did dent my available time for a “photo of the day” but I’m actually pretty happy with the resulting “messing around in the car on the way to Sandton” style shot I got so please for give me from deviating from my usual *picture is related to story* format.

Also no need to worry, I will not spoil the movie plot points.

I really enjoyed the movie, and loved the idea and the execution thereof. Christopher Nolan really is a very skilled story teller and this is another masterpiece of story. I’m perplexed by the confusion it seems to have generated with some areas of the movie viewing public. I thought the story and themes were pretty simple and clean, but that is likely just me.

I highly recommend it for movie-going people that has felt Hollywood pandering to the lesser being lately.

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