Japanese fetish

Still lifelessDay 186 of 365.
Day 36 of B&W.

Most people that know me, know I have a Japanese fetish. I’m addicted to the language, culture, art, cars, bikes, pretty much anything from there. I’m fascinated with their ability to take anything, however mundane, and turn it into an art form.

Folding paper, Origami. Flower arrangement, Ikebana. Hand Writing, Calligraphy. To name a few examples.

Recently I discovered some high contrast black and white preset and I loved the look of them and searched some and discovered they are styled after a Japanese photographer, Daidō Moriyama.

My Black and White photography is already getting slightly insane, but now I have a Japanese photographer to go gaga over as well.

I can’t wait to have my own darkroom to experiment more with film and black and white photography


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  1. Brent says:

    That b/w fruit basket looks great!

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