Last weekend at home

This is our home. The new house we’re moving into next week is not our home, yet. There is still some steps in the process left before it becomes our own and then we can make is a home.

There is of course the very small, almost microscopic chance that the banks don’t play along and the whole deal goes south and we end up in a house that is not actually ours.

Lets hope this is not a “million to one chances come up nine times out of ten.” situation.

For the most part this weekend we’ll be packing the remainder of the house into it’s last few boxes and try to keep as few things out and about as possible to make the move day as painless as possible. I’m sure Bron in her 7 1/2 month pregnant state does not need any additional stress at this point.

We can only hope.


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2 Responses to Last weekend at home

  1. Jeanette says:

    Oh you are clever, that’s an awesome photo

  2. Sharon says:

    Good luck with the move, it’s always so hectic and certainly not easy, even more so when so far pregnant.

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