License to thrill

I grew up around bikes. Both my parents had bikes and they went biking often, we always had at least two or three bikes around the house. For my sixth birthday, my dad bought me my first motorbike. A little 50cc, blue if I recall correctly. I was hooked then.

As a teenager I got my learners and my first real bike. We used to call mosquitoes. They sounded like it, but they were freedom from having to ask Mom to get around town.  Soon afterwards I got my car license, and like a fool. I neglected my bike and it’s license.

Now I’m back to square one.

The first steps is luckily in place,. Yesterday I booked my learners license test for a bike license. I cannot wait to be, legally, allowed on a bike again.

Bronwen is very relieved as well. She only has 9 weeks to go before Smith No. 4 arrives and she’s been very stressed about transport once that happens. This should settle things a little bit.

It’s all coming together and I cannot wait. Now all I need is some gear.

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2 Responses to License to thrill

  1. Jeanette says:

    Hope you get licensed soon. Nice shot!

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