Life is good

I generally try to find a nice theme for the day on Flickr when I play the 365 game. Today’s theme was “Life is good” and I got thinking just how good life really is that we take for granted.

When I started down this road I never imagined that somebody would offer me money to take photos of the and their loved ones. I hardly have the confidence to post the two or three images I things is passable on flickr or this blog. I think it’s a perfectionist gene somewhere.

This means I have possible second income stream. My day job which I get paid to do what I’m really good at (Playing the bastard operator from hell. Google it) and the side job where I get paid to do something I love, but don’t always have time for (but will now make time for)

And all this extra income will partly pay for new equipment and photographically toys, but most of it will go towards my family and making life goof for them. I worry about education for my two daughters and how I’m going to afford getting them into decent schools. The extra income will definitely help. Long term wise I have to plan for the really big expenditures.


Well at least I can scratch “wedding photographer” off the list of things I’ll need to budget for :)


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2 Responses to Life is good

  1. Sharon says:

    LOL at taking wedding tog off the list!

    • photoslave says:

      Yeah !! worst case I’ll take the pics, but I’m sure I’ll have tons of tog friends there on the day to take tons of pics:)

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