Man up!

Man Up!Day 185 of 365.

Day 35 of B&W

I was showing a friend Lightroom and how to use it, and we started talking about shooting people and how I’m pretty much avoiding shooting models because i’m too scared of having to deal with the situation and managing a shoot where I’m in control rather than just being a photographic observer not involved, just capturing.

She finally turned to me and said “Man up!”

I really have to get out of my hermit stage and take control of managing shoots rather than just observing and capturing.

I think I need to do more planning and setup some small shoots with people I know and trust to build up confidence. It’s not going to happen by itself.


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  1. Cybelle says:

    She seems like quite a bitch, this friend of yours #nursetherapist.
    First step in problem solving is acknowledging that there is a problem and throwing away the denial. Writing down your views and emotions is a positive step in the new direction you want to move to. Well done.

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