Men at work

I’m feeling ever so slightly useless at work at the moment. Beside being in a new team and still learning things before I can actually be of any use, we’re also moving.

While at work today Bron called to let me know the insurance has finally settled our affairs and will be purchasing us a replacement television and will be delivering on Friday. There is only one small teeny weeny problem.

A Television License. We don’t have one.

Now I will admit, I have avoided buying a TV license for a number of reasons. Firstly, I don’t watch TV. I watch TV Series’ and Movies, but I watch them when I want, on my media centre. I have no need for scheduled brainwashing… I mean, SABC. Unfortunately you cannot get large displays without a TV tuner, and those suppliers that do have them, want to introduce you to a concept I call “Mass Capital Ejection”. The capital, of course, being yours.

So, there I was.  The insurance company holding my new TV hostage, in exchange for a license to bore.

Bron and I decided that it’s likely less hassle to just get a license than to fight this, so off we went to Sandton City post-office to buy our first TV license. The process was in fairness very painless and quick and a quick Wimpy burger consumed at speed was a well deserved reward for giving money to the SABC.

On the way back we passed a building in construction and I could not resist stopping for a few reflection shots.


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