Morning light

I’ve been very reluctant to take on any new photography projects or commercial work. I’ve been scared that my arm will not take the beating it’s going it’s going to get from shooting a project or commercial venture. I decided to start another 365 project as an eay way to get back into shooting more often and training my arm and eye for more interesting photography prospects in the future.

So far I’m on day 26.

Not a huge win by any measures, but a huge win for me and my recovery. I’m hoping it’s going to get warmer in the near future as well so that I can walk with Bron and the kids in the afternoon to take more photos outside of the house, since it’s pretty much been my little hermit haven. I am however going to brave the cold tomorrow morning when I join @jenty @blackburnmike @gerryvanderwalt and @_Cybelle_ for an early morning shoot. I’m so excited about this and at the same time so scared my body will let me down.

My life is slowly settling down to something resembling normality. I know my body is different from the accident and I’m going to have to change some things. I’m planning to pursue a more commercial side to my photography and will be relying on friends for guidance like never before and I’m excited about the possibilities. Life goes on regardless and life is after all is for the living, and I’m still alive.


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3 Responses to Morning light

  1. Jenty says:

    Well, at least it’s a warm morning. But don’t push that hill hey!! We’ll all understand if you don’t get to the top!

  2. Mike says:

    Well you made it up the hill!
    And it was definitely worthwhile…. Great to have finally met you.

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