Move over, Movember!

Life, is finally starting to take on a reasonably approximation to normality.

To recap on the events in the last three months.

Our second daughter Juliet was born 5 week premature, she was in Neonatal ICU for 17 days, during all this, the house we’ve been trying to buy since January fell through ,I’ve had to make some very tough decisions about our life and future and the bank has been completely uncooperative with us as renters in the house they are claiming back with the result that nobody is paying water and lights, and maintenance is for our own cost.

Needless to say, this has put some stress into our lives, especially after we woke up to a bathroom flooded with sewer water the other morning. Thankfully is was a minor problem, which was for our bill, but the majority of stress is finally fading away.

We have found another house, and will be moving into it hopefully in the new year, but we’ve decided to move in with Bron’s mother for a month or two, as not to risk darkness and drought in the old house, or worse, maintenance on the already neglected plumbing and electrical systems.

I hope this means I’m less grumpy and irritated, for my families sake, but also that I’ll be in a much more agreeable mood to pick up the camera and take photos again.

So to start this uptake, I’ve decided to dedicate my first photo in a long time to Movember

I might not take a photo everyday of my effort, as I’m sure it will be slow and painful to follow, but I will strive to find the beauty in every day, and make the most of the life I’m lucky enough to have.

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3 Responses to Move over, Movember!

  1. Sharon says:

    It has really been tough, and I hope the new year brings with it much happiness and easy times for you and your family. Don’t look for beauty around you, photograph what you see – I’m very interested to see what gets your attention.

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