My first real roll…

My first rollWe had to go past a major shopping center today so I checked to see if the have film processing labs there, and they did. I took my 6 rolls of superia film that I had in my Chinese knock-off holga (Yes, the irony…) while in the western cape of South Africa last year.

The six rolls were booked in and will be ready tomorrow, but I also saw some Ilford B&W film, and I bought a EOS 500 film camera a good couple of months ago, but I’ve never used it, so I figured it’s about time I start doing just that. I’ve been dreaming about shooting B&W in film for a while now.

Well that’s not entirely true. Shooting B&W film is just the start. I would LOVE to put a B&W film processing lab in the “man cave” and develop my own images, and I really hope I have the dedication to actually get there.

That way I can shoot with my Digital camera, and my black and white camera to create a nice mixture of old and new and give people a real unique experience and product.

Only time will tell… but for now I have my first roll of Ilford XP2S 400 film in my camera


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