New house, New year, New everything!

To quote : “Life, is finally starting to take on a reasonably approximation to normality.”

Looking back now, this statement might have been slightly premature. Life seems intent on keeping things interesting for us, at least for the foreseeable future. After our hopes of normality, so eloquently put forth as I did in November, was published, life went along as we expected.

At the end of November we moved out of  “Our house that was not” and moved in with the parents. It was the best option at the time, and I’m eternally grateful to Bron’s mom for putting up with us, and in particular, me.

I started a new position in December  which put some added strain on things, but was generally an easy shift. I had negotiated a two week break in Cape Town, which we’ve been planning and looking forward too for ages.

Unfortunately things got a little interesting shortly after all this, when some people decided to enter my mother-in-laws house while my whole family was home to do so pre-Christmas Shopping.  I’m glad nothing bad happened, but it’s always a heartache to see ones family and loved ones being put in situations like this.

One of the specials they picked up while shopping was my camera gear, which I packed a night or two before in anticipation of our trip down to Cape Town.

Finally, the cherry on the cake was the burst geyser on the day we’re scheduled to leave for Cape Town, over our bedroom.

But, as they say, where one door closes, another door opens. We decided to take this as the collective bad luck for the next 10 years, and decided to have a blast and start the new year with enthusiasm and optimism.

Sure enough our luck changed shortly after we arrived in Cape Town. I found a new camera and lens, which was a huge relief. We had already months before booked a cottage in Sutherland to partake is star gazing and photography. I was really looking forward to that.

As soon as we arrived back in Johannesburg after a well deserved break, Our insurance was very helpful the items removed before Chrismas, our new house papers has all been signed, and final arrangements are being made to move into the new house in February.

Everything is slowly coming back to where we have been wishing it had been since November.


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