Night storm

I was thinking of doing some long exposure streaky star trails tonight, but I was surprised when I got outside to see tons of cloud patches moving very fast. This is itself is a very interesting subject to photograph, one I’ve not done before, so I had myself some fun.

It has however highlighted a few things I need.

A decent tripod.

I bought my current one a year or so ago in Cape Town while on holiday there. It was a R400 ($55) cheapy and has served me well, but the time has come to get a decent one with a decent head as I’m planning to do more panorama and time-lapse photography in the future.

Decent filters.

Nothing shows the quality of filters like shooting into a light source against a dark background. Decent filters minimize light scattering and ghosting, cheap ones, well lets just say I remove them when I shoo to minimize swearing.

Camera bag.

I have a Lowepro bag already, but you can’t have an assembled camera with lens in it. It really does make taking quick shots a pain in the arse. I think it’s time I let my current one go, and get two. One for full kit, and one for quick action.

Actually, I’d love a ton of new things, but for now I have to stick to the basics that I need to enhance my existing kit. Unless of course I win a first price somewhere.


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4 Responses to Night storm

  1. Jeanette says:

    LOL bigger camera bags are heavy ;)
    I hear you re the tripod, I seriously need a decent tripod, especially with my heavy lenses.
    LOVE that photo, LOVE it!

    • photoslave says:

      heavy camera bags under tripod makes a stable platform :P I’m actually planning to get a bigger bag for “all kit” and small bag for “Camera with 50mm” easily accessible.

  2. Mike says:

    Interesting shot.. Did your tripod blow around a bit or is it just the head that is letting you down? Apparently the cheaper tripods aren’t stable in a breeze and I was reading about a chap whose 5DII blew over while on tripod…..

    • photoslave says:

      The tripod is fine, it’s just easily shaken and difficult to adjust. The head is definately not easily movable.

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