Number 50

Today our clearance certificate was finally received from the lawyers, so the process of buying our new house is on track again. This is a huge relief for us as we were getting a little nervous about the whole thing.

I did however have a little irritation about the whole thing since we had to go and throw and hissy fit at the agents offices to get things to happen, add to that the “proof” of the certificate that was attached in the mail was faxed to the lawyers on the 2nd of July. This means somebody has been sitting on this for over 2 weeks before something happened. Normally this would not be a biggy, but we’ve been waiting 4 months already for the this little piece of paper. *sigh*

I should be happy really. Things are going finally going along. We’re two weeks away from moving into the new house, and the transfer process is on the roll again. These are good things.

The reality is slowly setting in and I’m going to miss this house, number 50 on our road. It has served us well, but time to move on.


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