Puzzling toddlers

I’ve always heard people say “Kids grow up so fast.” and “Before you know it they are out of the house” and I’ve never really understood. It started hitting home today when I found Vicky sitting by the coffee table playing with some puzzles.

It’s nothing fancy for us grown up’s. A simple “Whose baby?” Puzzle. Two pieces. One adult animal, one baby animal. Cow and Calf, Lion and cub. And there was Vicky putting them together like a pro!

I was a little shocked. I really didn’t realise how quickly she is gaining skills and learning about the world around us. I sometimes wonder what life would have been like for us as a family if we spent more time together instead of the small slices of life before and after work and before Vicky goes to sleep.

We have a plan. Just 10 years…

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