Simplicity is …

So things have been complicated again here in Smith land. The previous owners cats have to be removed by force thanks to a very helpful gentleman who does cat removals. One down, one more to go. My CF card reader was out of commission for the weekend, hence no posting. Kinda difficult getting data out of camera without one of those. Vicky is sick. Bronchitis, ear and sinus infections and 40 degree temperatures. Fun!

So right about now. I need some simplicity.

I could really do with a change in pace in just about every aspect of my life right now, but the reality is, it’s only going to get worse. We’re 8 weeks away from meeting the new member of our family, my work colleague has left for better sanity elsewhere and I’ll have to fill his role dealing with end-users and in between this, I’m trying to get some structured photography sessions going on weekends.

I think I might be staring disaster in the face… and smiling like a mad man.

Somehow, I need to balance the stresses of life and it’s demands with the peace and quiet my mind needs to be able to take decent photos.

Oh, did I mention we’re trying to launch a new company as well ?

Life and it’s little challenges :)

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