The end of the beginning

I’ve been struggling lately to figure out what I want to do photographically.

Even before we were robbed and my camera was taken (I loved that 20D) I had been struggling to find the “path” that suits me best. I’ve always loved photography, but I’ve never been where I will excel, and where I’ll just be another one of the “darned digital photographers”

I’ve been following a couple of togs on twitter and IRL (In real life) and I’ve discovered a few things about my photography.

The biggest discovery I’ve had is I really don’t like photographing models. The expected look is usually very bland, or “posed” the lighting perfect, the setting, spotless. This is all just too, perfect. I prefer reality, interesting, unexpected, sometimes with flares, sometimes with shadows and sometimes gritty.

I do shoot boudoir. This might seem like a contradiction. I find boudoir to be art as opposed to fashion or glamor which is commercial. I also shoot normal  everyday woman for boudoir. Making them feel sexy and alluring and capturing that for them photographically is the ultimate reward

I love kids. I bought my 20D with a very clear and simple task in mind. Record my children for my family and their families. Over the years I’ve taken some amazing photos of both my girls. I’ve also taken photos of other peoples kids. Lately I’ve joined Vicky to birthday parties to take more photos. I love the energy and passion kids have.

The first lens I bought after my “kit lens” was a Sigma 10-20mm and from the stats on my flickr page, it’s been well used. Most of the images is very much nature related. From sunset photos over Randburg, to star trails in Sutherland. I love capturing natural beauty.

I’d love to expand into some more areas. Learn more. Discover if I can excel there. I’d love to do more street photography and portraits. I’ve been threatening to do a stranger portrait project since I bought my camera back in 2008, but I haven’t and I’ll be honest. I’m scared to death at the thought

I’ll share with you a secret.

I’m a nerd. Not a geek, the one with social skills, but the nerd. The one without. I’ve always been very good at hiding it, but I’m actually petrified when I talk to just about anybody in a social context. The fact that I’m married is purely the result of my wife understanding me better than anybody alive and asking me to date her and then asking me to marry her.

But I’ve realized that, to overcome this fear I need “just do it”

So now that we’re finally settled in our lives after much upheaval at the end of last year I think it’s time I get some shooting done again.

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