The farewell flower

This winter has been harsh to our little garden. The grass is hard crackly and yellow. It died from frostbite many nights ago. The flowers are hiding deep in hibernation. It’s been a cold winter.

This morning on our way out, I noticed an unexplained dash of colour in my vision. Surely no flower has survived this long, I thought. Closer inspection yielded a wonderful surprise. A farewell flower.

I have no idea what flower it really is. I dropped biology from my curriculum along with mullets and large hair back in the late 80’s and it doesn’t really matter. It’s was just beautiful and new.

Life has it’s ebbs and flows. It’s summers and winters, it’s ups and downs, but it continues, no matter how hard things get, it comes back to make the world what it is.

Live life. It’s everywhere.

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3 Responses to The farewell flower

  1. Sharon says:

    Isn’t it a type of Iris? It is beautiful.

  2. RobinC says:

    Its a Dutch Iris – They are indigenous too ;)

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