The Wedding

Today I performed my first photo slave request. A colleague at work asked me if I could take some photos at a wedding of the groom while he prepares for the ceremony and if I want, the ceremony itself. I agreed of course.
My experience today, has taught me a couple of things.
Taking wedding photos is exceptionally hard: I don’t mean difficulty of taking a good photo, I mean physically challenging. Not only do you have to be ahead of the subject pretty much all the time, but you also have to lug all your kit around.
You have to know your kit: I was exceptionally lucky to get an additional body and lens to abuse this weekend, and using it was frustrating. I kept fiddling with things, instead of capturing the moment. I would not recommend weddings to test out new equipment.
Wear clothing with hidden pockets, lots and everywhere: I ran out of everything. battery, CF card even water. I kept having to keep track of the bags and go back and forth to get things I needed. I now understand why some have moon bags and camera vests. I was carrying two complete camera’s and should have had at least two more batteries per body as well as 2-4 extra CF cards and bottle of water, not to mention lens pen, cleaning cloth and a few filters.
The water is actually very important. You will be surprised how quickly you get dehydrated running around and taking photos.
All in all it was a great experience. It’s not something I would normally have done, but then that was the whole point of the photo slave project.
Thank you Edwin for the request and Damian and Sherrian for allowing me to intrude on their special day.
May you have many years filled with happiness.
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7 Responses to The Wedding

  1. Jeanette says:

    Awesome :) it’s not easy hey? :)
    Once you do a few events you get the hang of it. That’s why I carry my shootsac ;) it carries all the small stuff while I run around and I leave my big bag somewhere safe

    • photoslave says:

      I’m thinking the same thing., large bag with all the goodies, and a small bag with the essentials. Maybe an assistant :P

  2. Mike says:

    Sounds like fun….

    I think that wedding photogs earn every cent of what they charge. Not for the fainthearted.

    • photoslave says:

      Definitely. Nothing like trying on the shoes to get a better idea of what do

  3. Sharon says:

    It is hard work but so worth it. I agree on the water thing – I just wish someone would invent a “lightweight” water so it’s not so heavy to lug around along with the equipment. Well done, can’t wait to see more pics :)

    • photoslave says:

      hehe yeah, I did the same again today. Forgot to drink water again. Will post pictures once I have permissions sorted out :)

  4. Edwin says:

    Great pic … hope you had some fun and cant wait to see the rest.

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