Trust in fate

So. Yesterday was not a good day. I even went as far as to taunt “tomorrow” that if it was not a better than the day before, there would be words.

It appears “tomorrow” wants to have a chat.

Yesterday I only took one photo. The single image you saw on my Empty… post. I was not in a photo taking mood. This morning my camera bag with all my equipment was on the dining room table, but the front door right where I left it last night and I considered for a second to just leave it there. Better judgement kicked in and I thought “What if I see something worth capturing and I don’t have my camera?” So I packed my bag, and took it with me to work.

At 12h00 today we got a call from our security company. There was trouble at home. It turned out some people did some redistribution of wealth at my house. This was not good. The final stock take was much less of the disaster we anticipated with my TV, Playstation 2 and a very old laptop that I used for guest browsing the victims of the redistribution efforts, which might work to our advantage as we were investigating a larger TV already and the laptop was without a battery as it had died and we were in the process of replacing it.

But what would have happened had I left my camera bag at home. It’s likely it would be gone now. It was right in the path from the back door, to the TV. It would have been a logical target. Had that happened, would my insurance have covered the replacement cost of my equipment?

I think I need to call my broker, and soon, lest fate decide to pay me a visit again in the near future.

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3 Responses to Trust in fate

  1. Jeanette says:

    Woah… that was lucky!! Sorry about the break in

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