Under Pressure

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of days and it’s finally catching up to me. Outside of the normal 9-5 or in my case 7h45-16h00 responsibilities at my place of employment, I’m doing my little photographic project on a daily basis, starting a venture with my wife which means we have to do things like build business plans, do market research and other exciting things.  I’m also involved in a third project to get a media community website up and running, not to mention the antics around the  “redistribution of wealth” incident

Being caught up in all of this I’ve been ever so slightly guilty of neglecting my responsibilities for the media community project, so tonight I put some time towards catching up on a few things. This has thrown my usually carefully planned thinking and planning time for my blog out the window. When I finally finished my work and had time to write my entry for today, I found myself staring at the editing screen without a clear idea of what to post and no image to post with it.

This got me thinking about the way I take photos. I tend to think of myself as a natural situation photographer. I capture moments and stories as and when they happen from a unique point of view. Sometimes I have an clear idea of what I want, like yesterdays Sandton City skyline but mostly I see something that can work as a shot and I shoot it. Tonight I tried something different.

I picked a subject, in this case my cat Grimmy, and took a photo of him. I then looked at the photo and tried to improve on it until I had a photo I like. This turned out slightly different to what I expected. After two photos Grimmy jumped off the chair he was lazing on leaving me with an empty chair. I liked the texture and rips in the chair which reminded me of a post I read earlier today “Do you see stories?”

With Grimmy out of the picture, ha ha, I tried to tell the story with of chair or using the chair. I played with a few different ideas adding props to focus on but I ended up with just the chair, a different angle and some lighting for the final image.

I hope it tells a story to you.


P.S. I apologize in advance for any horrendous spelling or grammatical errors. My editor went to sleep about 3 hours ago :)

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